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Brain Waves

Brain Waves

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Brain Waves is a set of 5 tuningforks. Listening with one ear to the main tuning fork and with the other ear to one of the other 4 forks tuned in Delta, Theta, Alpha or Beta brainwave frequency, a third tone inside the head (named binaural beat) gently leads us to another state of consciousness. 
1.Delta 256Hz-259Hz = 3Hz deep sleep, happiness, rejuvenation and healing body-mind because stimulan releasing hormones melatonin and DHEA, deep relaxation. 
2.Theta 256Hz-262Hz = 6Hz meditation, dream recall, learning languages, learning 300% better. 
3.Alfa 256Hz-267Hz =11Hz creativity, relaxation, problem solving, less stress, more serotonin, improves the immune system 4.Beta 256Hz -271Hz=15Hz think faster, more intelligence, more stress, more energy, excitement, anxiety.

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