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Otto's Tuningforks

Otto's Tuningforks

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The Otto's are three tuning forks that can be used in many ways.

Otto 128 is specifically effective when placed on the ribs, rib cage, sternum and ileum. If you want just one tuning fork, we recommend Otto 128 or Om to work the acupuncture points, chakras, muscle knots, structure water, etc.. Two Otto 128's create a bass sound ideal for relaxation.

Otto 64 is equal to 128 but an octave lower, longer and heavier. The 128 works best solar plexus above. The 64 best works below the solar plexus. Its vibration helps loosen the sacral ligaments, stimulating and balancing the ganglion impar that controls the balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system and helps to solve emotional problems. Otto 64 together with Otto 128 forms the cranial sacral set. 

Otto 32 the biggest tuning fork is excellent to close holes in the aura, improve the flow of chi or prana on scars, clean spaces. The 3 Otto's have the Schuman frequency which is the frequency of the earth (officially 7.83Hz although some scientists say this has gone up). 2x8Hz = 16Hz; 2x16Hz = 32Hz The Otto 32 is 2 octaves above the Schuman frequency and works great for earthing, feet on the ground. head in the sky.

The Cranio Sacral set are Otto 128 and 64 together. If you put Otto 64 on the tailbone or sacrum and Otto 128 on the atlas C1, the Cerebrospinal Fluid begins to vibrate at a perfect octave. It's like shaking off emotions, thoughts and negative vibrations. This can also be applied to the meridians, acupuncture points, reflexology, chakras, listening, etc..

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