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Chakra Sound Remedy

Chakra Sound Remedy

18,00 €Precio

Make your own 7 Chakra remedies with Sound and Color.

"Chakra Sound Remedy"

We present a new opportunity to work with the chakras through sound, color, shape, and most importantly, your loving intention .
20 years ago, we prepared our first "Chakra Sound Remedy" set . Tested extensively , it was shown to work perfectly balancing the chakras.
The reason I didn't sell " Chakra Sound Remedy" was the long and expensive bureaucracy. We gave many people a set of "Chakra Sound Remedy" for free.

After years of tests, using and improving , we think it is time for a new formula of "Chakra Sound Remedy" . With the current "Chakra Sound Remedy" You can prepare your own powerful vibrational remedies to Activate, Unlock, Chakra Balancing and Harmonizing .
The cd is recorded with Quartz Bowls, Vocals, Kinnor, Didgerido and Sioux Drum.

We include instructions in Spanish but if needed in English, how to use and prepare 
"Chakra Sound Remedy" with 7 mandalas of color, shape and symbols for each chakra, so you can structure and charge each bottle.

Chakra Sound Remedy For Who?

• Chakra Sound Remedy is for everyone.
• For teachers of yoga.
• For professionals in Vibrational Medicine .
• For physical therapists, reiki masters.
• For you

" Chakra Sound Remedy" is offered in two forms:
1.mp3 with instructions included. (Download)
2.Cd with instructions included.

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