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Big Chakra set with 7 Bowls

Big Chakra set with 7 Bowls

SKU: ccuar1a
2.200,00 €Precio

We are the pioneers of the crystal quartz bowls and tuning forks in Spain and Europe. We offer a complete collection of crystal quartz bowls from 6 to 60cm. A set of 7 bowls also includes a single 8-hour workshop.
All our quartz bowls come with an O ring to support the bowl and a suede mallet to play.

There are other quartz bowls with gold, silver, amethyst and all the colors of the rainbow, etc.. They are beautiful but don't really sound better. Worse there are at the moment only small bowls so their sound is relatively high and therefore less relaxing but more stimulating. They are much more expensive and are not neutral to work with the mind as the transparent or translucent. For these reasons we recommend only translucent and transparent quartz bowls.

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